Things to Keep in Mind Prior to Hiring Car Carrier Services


Are you the one who’s having a weakness for driving?

The answer to the above stated question would lie in the conscious of those who consider driving as one of their passions. Did we hear that you fall into the same category? You admire driving from the bottom of your heart and are always on the lookout for a reason to get behind the wheel of your valuable car. The fact cannot be denied that a lot of your hard-earned money has gone into acquiring that amazing model. For some, possessing a car is an asset while others would consider as a necessity, which is required for carrying out various types of tasks on a daily basis.

Even though it may sound cliched to you but it’s the undying fact that a large number of individuals spend their valuable time behind the wheels of one of their most treasured possessions. Sooner or later, they start considering their priceless vehicles as their second home. That’s said and done.

Advantages of Road Freight

With the explosion of transport service companies in most parts of the world, it becomes rather confusing for a manufacturer or a person in need of transport services to decide which transport mode offered by the company best suits their interests. Road freight services are the most common of all the options that one might think of in the transport industry. For instance, in offering a stress free moving transit services for export goods that need to be transported from one country to another, road remains to be the best when a number of factors are considered. The factors include the following;

Flexibility is a major characteristic of road freight that attracts most people to choose the method as their best in transporting their wares. This is in the sense that goods and parcels are delivered at points of convenience. This is in the sense that roads happen to be anywhere from the most civilized cities of the world to the remotest villages on the planet. Whether the roads are of high standards or not what is important to note is that road is the best choice to offer door to door deliveries. Compared to other modes such as maritime or the use of rail, road freight stands on the advantage side in that the others deliver the goods or parcels to fixed destinations where the other option turns out to be road.

Speed of delivery is another characteristic associated to road freight that makes many to take the method of transport as the best to suit their convenience. Transit time mostly for across the border services is often less in road transport compared to other means such as water and rail. The whole process of transport for road freight is even sometimes shorter compared to the protocols and the time of delivery associated with air transport. Considering the distance that the parcels or the goods are to be taken, road freight is the best choice for short distance deliveries.

Freight rates differ for the different methods of transport. Road freight rates are cheaper compared to air freight rates. However, it is advisable that considerations be made for those goods or products that are being transported through war torn zones or crime zones. This is because in such cases comprehensive insurance covers which in most cases are expensive are taken to ensure that threats of theft are catered for. In such cases, road freight becomes a risky option that most people may decide to refrain from. In cases of peaceful areas, road offers the cheapest option especially for short distance transport.

With the use of tracking devices that are fixed on trucks or delivery vans, customers who rely upon road freight for delivery services are kept satisfied through being constantly informed on the progress of the transportation. This is important in that it keeps them aware of the progress to enable them to plan in advance where the goods or the parcels can be kept on delivery. This is always accurate in road freight in that there is no time that is wasted shifting the goods from one mode to the next as it is with other modes such as rail and commercial air where goods are left at convenient points to be picked by vehicle a process that might consume a considerable amount of time.

5 Techniques to Win More Transport Contracts

Once the engines of a business start, they scarcely can afford even the slightest stop. Just as a restaurateur does not take a day or two of at whim, so too a SME in the haulage industry cannot sit on its hands waiting for tomorrow’s client – indeed, even for any of the ones after that.

But, especially for those fresh in an industry dominated by heavyweights and the self-employed and all the masses of companies in between, confidence in your client list can wear thin. These days it seems there is so much technical knowledge and jargon involved in winning jobs away from your competition. Yet there are simple, effective, and very everyday things you can do to feel that more clients are within your grasp.


The role of connection in getting transport contracts is underestimated. Remember, all personal contacts – from business acquaintances to the clients at hand – offer leads for further clients. A firm handshake, warm smile and assured manner combine with taking time to build rapport with people on a human level. And rapport means people are more likely to sign with you, for the first time or as a repeat customer.


All transport contracts are signed and sealed partly due to the deal and partly due to the person offering it. This is why you must present well. Even if your prospective client knows you have great vehicles and has heard of your competitive rates, if your dress and comportment reek of unprofessionalism, he or she will be looking for a reason to pull out. How much more so does this apply to those swift meetings when you are hoping to impress new clients? A lot.


Some people are technocrats, but there is no denying the value of the personal touch when operating an SME in the hectic haulage environment. However, no transport contracts worth their salt were ever won by sheer charm alone. You need to do your homework. Every ounce of research that is done into the market, your client profiles, potential new niches and the future clients you wish to target will pay dividends.


Ultimately, transport contracts come down to words. Heavy, legally binding words, but speech and ink on paper or screen no less. This is why being well versed in spoken, written, and online communication is so vital. Since every chance you have to communicate with deliberately chosen or off-chance potentials is a golden opportunity that can turn on the quality and style of your communication; whether from your website or from your mouth, be prepared to be exceptional.


Marketing is a well-known must, but your future clients also rely on reputation. They are not the same thing. Word-of-mouth quickly spreads about your brand no matter how you sell it, so make sure it isn’t tainted by poor relationships with former clients and they check if are have trustworthy transportation.